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Ten chimpanzees are prepared to depart New Mexico for sunny rainy, windy Florida today, August 23rd, unless Hurricane Irene stops them in their tracks! At this writing, the current forecast puts the chimps in Florida before the hurricane is expected to affect the Fort Pierce, FL area. The ten chimps who are ready to roll are members of the family of chimps who migrated to Florida just a couple of weeks ago. Comet, Tyra, Lisa, Pam, Katherine, Wally, Mandingo, Ace, Dwight, and Oliver are all set to rejoin their friends Marc, Late, Kaleb, Tina, Katina, and Kayla, who are enjoying their newfound space and freedom on their island in Florida. We look forward to a happy reunion!
The chimpanzees migrating today come from varied backgrounds. Wally and Mandingo are former circus chimps who recently joined the Save the Chimps family when their former home, the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO), declared bankruptcy. Katherine was also a resident of WAO who originally came from the now-defunct lab LEMSIP. Comet, Tyra, Lisa, Pam, Ace, and Dwight were all born at the Coulston Foundation (TCF) research lab. Oliver was also a long-time resident of TCF, but was born at a laboratory in Texas.
Soon they will be embarking on a cross-country adventure, culminating in a release onto a hilly, grassy (and probably a little damp!) island where they can run, climb, and relax to their hearts’ content. 


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